Simply complex.

Best quality ingredients on the one hand – courtesy of mother nature –, passion, hard-work and know-how on the other hand; two necessary variables to create an exceptional product. Our Kombucha is handcrafted in a traditional way by an experienced Brewer in order to preserve a maximum amount of flavors and nutrients. All our ingredients are natural and organic.


Tea is the base of Kombucha and must be chosen with great care. Unlike most tea-based beverages available on the market, we use organic Sencha green tea leaves and not tea extract. We carefully infuse the tea leaves to extract and preserve all the aromas. We chose to use green tea for its naturally high level of tannins, antioxidants and vitamin C.


The Kombucha culture – also known as Mother of Kombucha (酵母 for the curious) or Scoby for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast – is a combination of living yeasts and good bacteria that have been conscientiously selected. Yeasts are commonly found in many food production processes, such as those of bread, cheese, beer or wine. The “good” bacteria (ie : beneficial bacteria) or probiotics, are typically present in the production of yogurt or vinegar. This culture of microorganisms is the very base of the fermentation process that allows to turn tea into delicious Kombucha.


We use fair trade, raw, organic cane sugar. And that’s about it. Most of the sugar is consumed by the yeasts during the fermentation process and the optimum dose of sugar is reached to perfectly balance the mix of flavors in each bottle. We do not use any artificial sweetener or other sweetening agents.


Although we use green tea as the base of our Kombucha, each of our varieties has a unique flavor, elaborately concocted by … ourselves! Thus, our Ginger-flavored Kombucha is a fine combination of green tea, sugar and organic fresh ginger juice, while our Peppermint-flavored Kombucha is produced with local peppermint that grows on the picturesque landscapes of Pays-d’Enhaut, near Gruyères. We make a point of only using natural ingredients. Pure and simple taste, brought to you by mother nature and a little help from her friends at Urban Kombucha.

Our Kombucha and all of the ingredients we use are certified organic by Bio.Inspecta Suisse.

Kombu… How ?